Christmas Quiz Results: Day 11

And so here it is…the last 4 days of the Christmas Quiz. After 11 days & 224 points the top 3 are only seperated by 2 points!! Quite amazing seeing how tricky some of the questions have been.The final week started off with some impressive scores but no top marks with various questions throwing people off. We thought we had a killer picture question with the snowy, foggy Scottish valley but amazingly quite a few guessed Larig Gurig from that photo. Below is the table after Day 1 of Week 3, looks like it´s going to be an interesting last few days. If you enjoyed the photos of famous climbers, then you´re going to love today´s quiz question 1. Bound to raise a smile on anyone´s face! See Day 12´s questions, full league table and full prize list here>> Answers to Day 11 questions here>>League Table for Week 3, Day 1 

Name TOTAL (out of max 20)
Peter Bowen Martin Kocsis Mike Babbitt Rob Stone S.J. Ebbens Simon Caldwell Ally Smith Emily Goodman Tom Jennings Chris Moor Gareth Jones Neil Marklew Paul Johnso 19 18 18 18 18 18 17 17 17 16 16 16 16