Dave MacLeod – Spanish Holiday

by Jack Geldard – Editor – UKC Dave Macleod has been out in Spain, soaking up the sun and ´taking in some classics´. “On the first couple of days I just took in some classics like KaleaBorroka F8b+, Migranya F8b and a flash of La Cara no Miente F8a+.”Dave then upped the ante slightly by ticking Sin Domseticar (F8c+). See video below.Not content with that, he then went on to redpoint L´Espiadonis F8c (You can see a video on Dave´s blog: davemacleod.blogspot.com) and make a first ascent of a stunning looking roof route now named Knuckleduster (F8b). Knuckleduster was equipped by fellow Scotsman Dave Redpath. The huge roof didn´t go without a fight as the ´bat hang´ rest nearly caused a few problems. Dave recounts on his blog: “The hang was a toe-torque rather than passive jam, so after a minute Ifound that my feet were too tired to let me pull back up to the holds.Doh! What the hell am I going to do now? After a few sets of crunchesand pathetic swings at the pockets, I resorted to clambering up my ownlegs to regain upper body contact and get on with the crux. Happily theunintended extra stay in upsidedown land, and extra arm swinging helpedshift the pump in my arms and a grunt around the lip got me quickly tothe belay and my first Spanish first ascent ? Knuckleduster 8b.” For more info and photo´s check Dave´s blog: davemacleod.blogspot.com VIDEO: Dave MacLeod climbs Sin Domseticar (F8c+) Dave is sponsored by Gore, Mountain Equipment, Scarpa and Black Diamond