Dave Turnbull of the BMC – LIVE ON UKC

"Don't Stop Now!" Dave Turnbull reaches the final crux on London Wall© PontiusPirate, Sep 2009

Dave Turnbull, CEO of the British Mountaineering Council, was live on the UKC Forums to answer questions on Tuesday 8th December.He has been in charge of the BMC for the last seven years, before that he was the BMC Access Officer.Ever up for a mountainous adventure, Dave recently completed the Three Peaks Yacht Race and managed the 24 and 16 mile runs up and down Snowdon and Ben Nevis that are part of the race.A committed climber, Turnbull has recently 'pulled his finger out' and hauled himself up several steep sport routes and hard trad routes in the Peak District. But is he pulling his finger out at the BMC?In an interview in Summit magazine back in 2008, Turnbull was asked “What's the point in the BMC anyway?”He responded:”To stand up for climbers and walkers when things go wrong; when Foot and Mouth disease closes the countryside, or the government tries to introduce restrictive new legislation, or a major landowner decides to shut down access or sell off their land. To make sure we remain free to walk and climb in the mountains with minimal restriction or regulation.”Have they been doing their job? Do you have any questions for the BMC? Would you like to volunteer? This is your chance to take Dave by the electronic hand and show him the issues in your area, or even shake him by that electronic hand and give praise if it is due.In that same interview back in 2008 Dave was asked where the BMC will be in 20 years time. He said “… maybe we'll move out of Manchester.” What's the story behind that? Ask Dave!UKC's questions to Dave are:How can the BMC improve its membership package?Are there things you're not doing that you should be doing? What are they?Should the BMC buy more crags – are people prepared to pay for them?What do people want from the BMC? And how do you know that?What should we do about pegs on sea cliffs?How can we sort our better funding for our British teams? More Info:Dave Turnbull's BMC ProfileInterview in Summit MagazineBMC Main Page Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf UKClimbing.com anschauen