Film Talent That Is Yet To Shine

by UKC News Trad Films, in conjunction with next years Outdoor Show are giving six lucky aspirant filmmakers a big chance. Get kitted out with latest broadcast camera gear and financially supported to follow a top class extreme athlete on one of their death defying adventures… including athletes like Tim Emmett and Andy Kirkpatrick. The organiser, Mike Weeks, doesn´t want anyone who has ever had their film work paid for or broadcast in a commercial way. You have to upload a two minute clip of your work to be a contender.You´ll need to be available to go to London for one day in November and to go away for up to a week in December/January.TRAD will launch at the March (27th ? 29th) 2009 Outdoors Show at the NEC, Birmingham, where those chosen will present their documentary alongside the athlete filmed, to a rather large theatre audience. How to enter here: