Font 8C+ for Toni Lamprecht

Font 8C+ for Toni LamprechtUKC News© Bruno Axhausen

Toni Lamprecht has linked Bokassa's Fridge (Font 8C) into Assassin Monkey and Man (Font 8C) to create a super hard boulder problem link, which he has graded Font 8C+.In an interview with Bjorn Pohl on The Low Down, Toni says:”It was a lucky day, when I did it, because I needed 6 tries on that day and I don't wanna tell you where I fell before succeeding.””It is hard to compare 'Bokassa's Fridge-Assassin, Monkey and Man' to other climbs, because for me it started as a game and ended (after some holds changed) as the new bouldering-highlight in front of my home. I wouldn't consider it as a great line if it would be anywhere else, but at home it is something that you can try every day. It has nice, powerful and of course long moves and the rock is always dry.”You can view more photos of the problem on Bruno Axhausen's Flickr page.Source: The Low DownDiesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen