Hard Ascents in Germany's Frankenjura

German climber Sarah Seeger has climbed Steinbock (F8c) in the Frankenjura. This is Sarah's first F8c and is the first F8c to be climbed by a woman in the Frankenjura. Sarah climbed the route on the 3rd of October after an intensive period of effort working the climb throughout September.The route, a powerful roof on the typical Frankenjura pockets, was first climbed by Markus Bock in 2008.
Sarah Seeger redpointing Steinbock (F8c), FrankenjuraUKC News, 13 Oct 2009© Ricarda Miller
Speaking of Markus Bock, the Frankenjura power-house has climbed a bouldery direct start to an existing route to give The Man That Follows Hell (F9a+) which he has said is similar in style and angle to the famous Action Directe (F9a) but involves harder moves.Commenting on Klettern.de, Markus said that succeeding on this project was “One of the happiest moments of my climbing career”. Initially thwarted by the hot summer weather, Markus had to wait for cooler autumnal conditions to arrive before he could continue his efforts on the route. He finally redpointed the project on his 7th attempt of the day on the 4th of October.This is Markus' second new route of F9a+ in the Frankenjura.
Markus Bock climbing his new F9a+, The Man that follows HellUKC News, 13 Oct 2009© Ricarda Miller

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