Huber frees giant Dolomite roof

Alex Huber has freed a 120ft wide horizontal roof on the Cima Ovest in the Dolomites.Huber describes his route Pan Aroma as ´quite a challenging climb´, adding that ´it should be something like 8c´. Huber spent about a month working on the roof, which was first climbed on aid by Gerhard Baur and the Rudolph brothers in 1968. Pan Aroma folows a seperate line to the aid route; starting up Bellavista, crossing Baur´s line, and taking in some fully horizontal ceilings, before finishing up the Baur route above the roof.  Bellavista was freed by Huber in 2001, at 8c.picture copyright: Alex Huber is well known for excelling in almost every aspect of climbing, sport climbing to 9a, dominating the free climbing development of El Capitan, ascents in the Alps and Himalaya, soloing the Brandler-Hasse, and sporting dodgy leather trousers. More pictures, and a short article about the route here.