´Hueco´ Pete

by Mick Ryan Hueco Pete If you ever climbed at Hueco Tanks, Texas during the 90´s you will no doubt have met ´Hueco´ Pete Zavala and his wife Queta who ran the Hueco Tanks Country Store. Before regulations closed the store and restricted access to the fine bouldering in Hueco Tanks State Park thousands of climbers made a temporary home upstairs in the quonset hut and ate tamales, burritos and gorditas cooked by Pete and Queta. Pete, 66, sadly passed away on on August 2, 2006 after several years of ill health and was buried with full military honours at Fort Bliss National Cemetery on Monday. Queta told HuecoTanks.com that Pete wanted “all the climbers to know that he loved them all, they were special to him, and that the best part of his life was the years he ran the store for them”. Queta said that he often referred to us as “his climbers”, and was truly interested in each of our climbing successes. He never stopped being amazed at the the feats of strength and bravery that occurred daily at Hueco, and was proud to do his part to make it possible. For a full obituary visit HuecoTanks.com ( Source: Climbing magazine )