IFSC European Bouldering Championships

by Mick Ryan Sabine Bacher None of the UK women qualified for the IFSC European Bouldering Championships final being held at the Outdoor Show at the NEC in Birmingham. Gaz Parry reports at britishboulderingteam.blogspot.com “The ladies team of Naomi Buys, Katy Whittaker, Leah Crane and Rachel Seymour all competed today sadly nobody qualified for the semi. Leah was placed the highest in 28th. Tomorrow the men will give it their all and hopefully we will have some people in the Semi-Finals.” The top three qualifers were, Tatiana Tarasova RUS, Olga Bezhko UKR, Sabine Bacher AUT. You can see the full results here pdf of results (click) The results are being posted at the BMC website (click) where you can also access live coverage of the event. The finals are on Sunday 18th March starting at 09.30.