Jacinda Hunter – Four Kids and F8c

Jacinda 'JC' Hunter celebrates after her ascent of Breaking the Law (F8c)UKC News© Joe Kinder / www.joekindkid.comJacinda ?JC? Hunter has climbed Breaking the Law, Black and Tan area, Utah, USA. The route was first climbed by Dave Graham back in 2001 and is graded 5.14b (F8c).JC Hunter is a 30 year old mother of four and as reported on Momentum, “she spent many days with her husband Mike, while their four kids explored the area, mom just up the hill working her project.” JC is an inspirational woman, managing to boulder V10, sport climb in the high F8's, and also look after four children and juggle a nursing career. In an interview on Climbing.com, she explained what she does outside of climbing:”I am a registered nurse and I work for a home health agency in Salt Lake City. When I am not climbing or working I spend time with my family so they are not totally neglected. Plus I try not to waste time with things like television. I am strongly against it.” The first ascent of the route was slightly controversial, as Dave Graham reportedly 'snagged' the project from a local climber, resulting in a grade debate and some general ill feeling (more info here).You can read a report, see some photos and watch a video of JC climbing Breaking the law on Momentumvm.com.

'JC' Hunter climbing Breaking the Law (F8c) from Momentumvm.comUKC News© momentumvm.com

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