Piolet d´Or 2008 Suspended

by Dougald MacDonald Organizers of the Piolet d´Or, the best-known prize in international mountaineering, have scrubbed plans for the 2008 award ceremony after running out of time to organize a prize with new criteria. The Piolet d´Or ceremony had been scheduled for February 15 in the Val d´Aoste, Italy. Several high-profile nominees have declined to participate in the awards process, decrying the whole idea of choosing the ?best? climb of the year in a pursuit as diverse and personal as mountaineering. Last year´s co-winner, Marko Prezelj from Slovenia, denounced the prize on stage and then wrote widely published essays explaining why such prizes were incompatible with the spirit of alpinism. Read the full story on the Climbing.comwebsite ( Source: Climbing magazine )