Problems at Craig Y Forwyn

Local newspaper The Daily Post reports a police investigation in to vegetation removal at Craig y Forwyn, North Wales. The crag was recently declared 'open' by the BMC following a ban of twenty years (See UKC News Item).Reported on The Daily Post website: North Wales Police wildlife and environment officer Sergeant Rob Taylor told the Daily Post:?There are problems with rock climbers using a rockface in Rhyd y Foel which has been closed for 20 years and the BMC declaring it re-opened.?A lot of unauthorised tree and shrub clearing has taken place which is a protected area. I am investigating. It may potentially be a crime under the Wildlife and Countryside Act.”From the North Wales Limestone Wiki:”NO GARDENING DURING JANUARY PLEASE WHILST WRITTEN PERMISSION IS OBTAINED”Thanks got to Mark Reeves for the photograph: Lifeinthevertical.blogspot.comDiesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen