Re: Save Longstone Edge Press Release

In reseponse to our news item last Friday where we highlighted the frustrations of the SLEG over the Peak District National Park Authority´s planning meeting agenda, we have just received the following response from the PDNPA: Response to “Peak Park Authority Upsets Local Residents” – Dec 15 2006 From the Peak District National Park Authority: The Save Longstone Edge campaign group was told well before the Authority´s planning committee meeting that there would not be any possibility of speaking at that meeting because the subject was not on the agenda. The committee is well aware of community frustration over this issue, which it shares, but it must follow proper legal process, and on this occasion it would have been wrong to give one side an opportunity to speak which had not been offered to the other side. In the past few days, the Authority has served a Planning Contravention Notice over quarrying activities at Wager´s Flat, to help it determine whether the extraction is in breach of planning permission. The committee intends to have a full and open discussion on the operations at Wager´s Flat at its meeting on January 19, when the protestors will have every opportunity to put their views, in writing or by speaking at the meeting. The campaign group was made fully aware of this before Friday´s meeting, and the SLEG representatives spoke with the Authority´s officers on Friday. For more details, see press release on the Authority´s website: