Report: Ice Climbing Festival – Kandersteg 2011

Kandersteg 2011UKC News, Jan 2011© Andrea Badrutt

The 12th Annual Ice Climbing Festival in Kandersteg took place last weekend in the ice climbing Mecca of the Bernese Oberland with climbers from all over the world and over 600 spectators. Workshops, slide shows and the competition offered icey good times for all. For the second year in a row, The Festival took place on the crags of the Kandersteg Rope Park, just across the street from the Gemmi Lodge.Approximately 90 contestants, 21 of whom were women, competed in the Dry-Tooling Contest on Saturday, and even though the temperatures were a bit warm, the enthusiasm remained high. The spectacular Finalà under the lights on Saturday Night was won by Patrik Aufdenblatten of Zermatt, who has been on the podium in this event numerous times. Nikolai Primerov from Russia finished 2nd and Gatean Raymond took 3rd. Ines Papert of Germany, who has many World Cup Ice Climbing wins under her belt, returned as the Champ in Kandersteg, and last year's winner, Petra Müller from Switzerland, took 2nd place. Albert Leichtfried and Kurt Astner were responsible for the Route-Setting, and the entire event coordination crew was stoked to see the enormous growth in the number of young ice-climbers involved.

Ines Papert in the final at Kandersteg 2011UKC News, Jan 2011© Andrea Badrutt

The workshops took place on Sunday, with over 50 enthusiast participants learning tricks of the trade from Ice pros such as Samuel Anthamatten (CH), Kurt Astner (IT), Neil Gresham (GB), Dodo Kopold (SK), Petra and Jack Müller (CH), Ines Papert (DE), Klemen Premrl (SI) and Matthias Scherer (DE). Two pairs of climbing brothers offered the exciting slide-shows on Friday and Saturday Night at the Congress Hall in Kandersteg, where about 300 spectators were entertained on each night. Simon and Samuel Anthamatten, from Zermatt, Switzerland, thrilled the crowd with their show ”Small Climbers – Big Mountains” on both evenings. And then Nicolas and Olivier Favresse from Belgium rocked the house with Mandolin, photos and film footage. Their show, ”Big Wall Jammin'” had the entire crowd on their feet. And the legendary after-party at the Gemmi Lodge rounded off a perfect evening.

The men's podium at Kandersteg 2011UKC News, Jan 2011© Andrea Badrutt

The Ice Climbing Festival in Kandersteg is the largest event of its kind in the Alps and is known as a meeting spot for international ice-climbers and is renowned globally as a 'must-attend' event in the ice-climbing scene.The main sponsors were againArc'teryx,Bächli Bergsport,Black Diamond andLa Sportiva.And as local Partners, the Hotel Gemmi Lodge, Gemmi Tavern, Kandersteg Tourism, Kandertal Tourism and the Town of Kandersteg were again supportive of the event in their own neighbourhood.Media partners were the climbing magazines Vertical and Klettern.Julbo,Sterling RopeandPetzl also contributed gear and support as event partners.

The women's podium at Kandersteg 2011UKC News, Jan 2011© Andrea Badrutt

All photos were shot by Andrea Badrutt, from Chur (CH).Final Results – Ice Climbing Festival Kandersteg 2011Men

Rank Start-number Name Country Semi-final Final
1 46 Patrik Aufdenblatten CH Top (2:46) Top (4:08)
2 43 Nikolai Primerov RUS/CH Top (3:18) Top (5:09)
3 34 Gatean Raymond Top (4:46) 15+
4 47 Samuel Anthamatten CH Top (2:57) 13
5 27 Christian Ledergerber CH Top (3:35) 3+
6 57 Michael Wohlleben DE Top (4:34) 2
7 67 Ron Michel Koller CH Top (4:55)
8 2 Pavel Dobrinskiy RUS Top (5:20)
9 35 Jeff Mercier FR Top (5:35)
10 20 Erwan Le Lann FR 15 –
11 60 Thomas Steinbrugger AT 10
11 36 Jack Müller CH 10
13 19 Klemen Premrl SI 6
14 32 Etienne Grillot FR 5
14 12 Dejan Koren SI 5
16 45 Joachim Feger 3+


Rank Start-number Name Country Qualification Final
1 87 Ines Papert DE Top (2:19) Top (3:45)
2 86 Petra Müller CH Top (3:11) Top (4:28)
3 79 Christina Schlesener DE Top (3:18) 17
4 95 Anne-Aylin Sigg CH Top (2:22) 9
5 84 Karin Schaffner CH Top (3:17) 5+
6 83 Cindy Schallbetter CH Top (3:10) 5
7 92 Petra Klingler CH Top (3:24)
8 91 Rebekka Stotz CH Top (3:46)
9 90 Noemi Dupertuis CH Top (4:29)
10 85 Natalie Bärtschi CH Top (4:58)
11 94 Anna Egli CH Top –
11 93 Tanja Lanz CH Top –
13 99 Rahel Roth CH 14
13 80 Gabi Forlin CH 14
15 81 Karin Hedman SE 13+
16 98 Sonja Schade DE 13 –
17 97 Charlotte Barrà FR 12
17 82 Laure Baioz FR 12
19 88 Manuela Ramensperger CH 7
19 96 Camille Girardin FR 7
21 89 Marillia Anthamatten CH 6

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