IFSC Press Conference on the inclusion of Sport Climbing in the Olympics

At the eve of the World Championship closing week end, the IFSC President Marco Scolaris answered the questions of the press in a press conference on the theme of the inclusion of Sport Climbing in the IOC shortlist.

IFSC President Marco ScolarisPresident Scolaris announced the creation of a Team specially dedicated to the pursue of the Olympic dream, and the follow up of the process that is to start in the next weeks.

With over 15 million people practicing sport climbing around the world, and more than 1.5 million athletes having competing in events worldwide in 2010, we are seeing tremendous passion and growth for our sport. Our values and our disciplines of Speed, Lead and Boulder would be a great fit in the Summer Olympic Program and perfectly embody the Olympic motto "Citius (Faster)-Altius (Higher)-Fortius (stronger)."

In response to the journalists' questions, Marco Scolaris explained that the IFSC will propose to the IOC a program involving all three disciplines, on an equal basis, and he also explained that Sport Climbing is not fighting against other sports, but focusing on its own improvements. “Climbers are not fighting against other sports. We believe that all athletes of all sports will deserve to compete in the Olympics.”

A statement strengthened by Mr.Keith Ferguson and by Mr. Li Zhixin, members of the Olympic Bid Team and of the IFSC Executive Board “We are not competing against anybody, we are competing with ourselves

The presentation of the sport, as well as the media exposure, will be crucial fields for improvements, along with an effort to create the right perception of what sport climbing really is to the general public. “The challenge we will face is to bring sport to people who have never seen it. We plan to promote sport climbing events in some of the most famous cities around the world.”

An important consideration was made on the importance of the Paraclimbing event, the first ever World Championship, which highlighted the social value of sport and its being truly a "sport for all".

QuelleGiada La Marca, Foto: Giulio Malfer