Tom Bolger – Another F8c+

Dec 15: Tom Bolger – Another F8c+ by Kevin Avery- Assistant Editor- UKC Hot on the heels of his ascent of Ingravids Extension F8c+, Tom Bolger has followed it up with a quick ascent of another Santa Linya super-route. This time it was La Nueva Ola, again F8c+ and his second in the space of three days. Lynne Malcolm gave these details regarding the ascent: “Tom managed to do another 8c+ today at St Linya called La Nueva Ola.He tried it a few weeks ago but it got wet and his first day back on it was today.” Tom is now living in Catalunya, an area that is highly regarded as one of the best sport climbing locations in the world and looking at his current form it may not be long before he climbs his first F9a. Watch this space… Read the UKC report about Tom´s other F8c+ ascent. You can read another update on the climbing scene in Catalunya complete with some fantastic images from Pete O´ Donovan HERE. Thanks to Maria Torres for providing the photo for this piece.