VIDEO: ShAFF Cometh – Fawcett, Sharma, Moffatt

Ron Fawcett

It seems unfair just to pick out three names for the title of this news report about the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (ShAFF) as the line up of live speakers from the world of climbing and mountaineering is impressive for a weekend event.As well as the three climbers in the title we can look forward to seeing: Mick Fowler, Adele Pennington, Dave Birkett, Gaz Parry, John Arran, Niall Grimes, Alastair Lee, Robert Mads and Zoe Hart; all live and in the fleshMatt Heason who created and organises ShAFF is a huge outdoor film enthusiast and has hand picked the best films from the Kendal, Banff & Telluride festivals, and independent films that have not been widely released. As well as the top award winning films check out Simon Yates in Ama Dablam – Beyond the Void and Caravan Of Dreams a profile of Wanda Rutkiewicz, the greatest woman mountaineer of all time. See the full line up of films at had enough of the grade debate yet? Make sure you are at The Great British Grade Debate with the BMC and join the BMC's Nick Colton with John Arran, Dave Birkett, Lucy Creamer, Jack Geldard (UKC Editor), Nic Sellers, Steve McClure, John Dunne and James Pearson as they sort out the E-grade.We at believe that climbing and mountaineering culture sits only just behind actually climbing in importance in the life of climbers; and ShAFF is now firmly established in the UK alongside the climbing festivals at Kendal, Fort William, Edinburgh, Dundee and Llanberis as a cultural celebration of climbing and mountaineering.The Sheffield Adventure Film Festival is being held from Friday 27th February through to Sunday March 1st at The Showroom Cinema at Paternoster Row in Sheffield.You can pre-order your tickets here: psyche? Need a reason to say fuck it, pack in your job and hit the road to the world's wild places? Check out the ShAFF trailer below2009 ShAFF Trailer from Matt Heason on Vimeo.Once again is a proud sponsor of the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival.Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen