We´ve Sent Jack Packing……to the USA

by Mick Ryan – UKClimbing.com Jack Geldard, Editor of UKClimbing.com Jack Geldard, UKClimbing.com´s Editor is away for a week representing UKClimbing.com at the American Alpine Club International Climbing Editors Summit held at the AAC headquarters in Golden, Colorado. Climbing website and magazine editors from all across the globe will be joining Jack as well as fellow UK climbing editors Steve Goodwin (Editor, Alpine Journal) and Lindsay Griffin (Editor Mountain Info/Climb, Assoc. Ed. American Alpine Journal and BMC Mountain News Editor) to discuss climbing media issues, to improve communication and cooperation among mountain publications worldwide, and to learn more about each other´s climbing and media cultures. This summit is being hosted by the American Alpine Club and has been organised by John Harlin III Editor of the American Alpine Journal and Dougald MacDonald, associate editor of the American Alpine Journal andsenior contributing editor for Climbing magazine John Harlin has sent us some discussion points that the editors will be discussing to post on the UKClimbing.com forums. Feel free to add your opinions to these discussions. Here is the first one. Climbing news in the Internet age:What are our guidelines for publishing photos and text found on the Web (copyrights)?What about fact-checking information, publishing photos with route lines that haven´t been climbed, and reporting illegal or unwelcome ascents?What do we think about ?exclusivity? in first ascents, where media sponsors ?lock up? information about an expedition until they have reported it first? JOIN THE DISCUSSION: EDITORS SUMMIT: TOPIC ONE: Climbing news in the Internet ageAs well as discussing important issues about the climbing media Jack will also be visiting The Bradford Washburn American Mountaineering Museum and climbing at the sandstone crack paradise of Indian Creek. He will also be attending dinners and discos at the AAC HQ in Golden. We are looking forward to his report on the Editors Summit when he returns.