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[VIDEO] 23rd Hueco Rock Rodeo 2016

Alex Puccio (USA) and Jakob Schubert (AUT) claimed victory in the Open competition followed by the German climbing couple Jan Hojer and Jule Wurm. Check out the video highlights from the 23rd Hueco Rock Rodeo edition.

23rd Hueco Rock Rodeo 2016 (c) AmericanAlpineClub

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23rd Hueco Rock Rodeo results:

Women’s Open
1) Alex Puccio – 6510 pts.
2) Jule Wurm – 5005 pts.
3) Akiyo Noguchi – 3160 pts.

Men’s Open
1) Jakob Schubert – 7710 pts.
2) Jan Hojer – 7290 pts.
3) Sam Davis – 6960 pts.

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