[VIDEO] Hazel Findlay Rocks Down to Electric Avenue (5.13+R) (c) Black Diamond Equipment

[VIDEO] Hazel Findlay Rocks Down to Electric Avenue (5.13+R)

“There are so many places a climber has to go,” says BD Athlete Hazel Findlay. For years, she had heard about the perfect granite cracks in Bohuslän, Sweden, but only recently did she make the trip.
The Black Diamond Project

Black Diamond Event und Master-Route im Klättercentret Stockholm

Das Klättercentret Stockholm startet am 18. Februar 2017 das "The Black Diamond Project", ein brandneues Konzept, wenn es darum geht, Lead Klettern in der Halle als Fortschritt zu betrachten und messbar zu machen.
Houdini 4 Ace Jacket (c) Houdini Sportswear

Houdinis Atmos Membran: Nachhaltig und trocken

Schwitzen beim Sport ist unvermeidlich und eine lebensnotwendige Funktion des Körpers. Unangenehm wird es aber häufig dann, wenn aufgrund der Feuchtigkeit in der Kleidung ein klammes Gefühl entsteht.
Bouldering in Sweden (c) 45degrees

[VIDEO] Bouldering in Sweden

This video contains boulder problems ranging from 7C to 8A+ from different areas in Sweden. All climbed by Lorenz Ulmer and presented by 45degrees. Supported by: Friluftsland and Scarpa.
[VIDEO] La Sportiva Legends Only 2014: Behind The Scences

[VIDEO] La Sportiva Legends Only 2014: Behind The Scences

Join us on a trip through the whole process that goes on behind the best climbing competition of the year! Check out the video to see the top 6 climbers in the world working with the best route-setters to achieve the most amazing problems possible, footage from the competition that brings you so much closer to the action, what the climbers are doing when they are waiting for their go and of course a little something from the crazy afterparty!


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