[VIDEO] Alexander Megos: What about the triceps?

Do we need triceps for climbing? Alex Megos & Chris Hanke investigating the role of the triceps in climbing and showing you exercises that they have done themselves as motivation for training the antagonists.

Alexander Megos:

Many forget about the antagonists when climbing, so we have chosen to focus a bit more on the triceps. Many exercises naturally target not only the triceps. This video is not a training recommendation but serves as inspiration and motivation. We are fans of describing things as simply as possible because the goal is always to transfer knowledge to the wall. If you feel the topic is too superficially addressed, let us know. We have plenty of sports scientists and sports medicine experts on hand to delve into more detail in another tutorial… no worries 😉

Enjoy watching and remember, when you are not happy with the content there is no need to be here and watch us guys having a good time. Watch other things or do some pull ups instead. No stupid comments, we don´t care! Unless they are funny of course 😉

Edit: Chris Hanke
Filming: Mr. Shak Ehand


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