2 9as in a Day

Last week we reported on Dave Graham climbing Ali-Hulk, 9a in Rodellar. This route is situated in the Ali-Baba cave and can be climbed ropeless as the cave is no higher than 5m high – video of Dave Graham on Ali-Hulk here. Now, 16 year old Spaniard Eric Lopez has climbed not only Ali-Hulk, but in the same day climbed Los Borrachos del Mascun, also 9a. If the grades stand, this is the first time that two 9as have ever been repeated in a single day. Unlike Ali-Hulk, Los Borrachos del Mascun does require a rope (but like Ali-Hulk, it was first climbed by the ever-impressive, ever young, Dani Andrada). Most UK climbers will not have heard of Eric Lopez.  He won the world youth championships last year and finshed 12th in the last senior World Cup leading competition in Zurich. Source: 8a.nu, kairn.com