2002 World Cup Dates

The provisional dates for next years UIAA World Cup events have been released: Details in italics are to be confirmed. 26-28 Apr Bolzano, Italy (Diff) ??-?? May Stuttgart, Germany (Diff) 17-19 May Yekaterinburg, Russia (Diff) 22May Yekaterinburg, Russia (Speed) 07-08 Jun Imst, Austria (Diff) ??-?? Jun Fiera Di Primerio, Italy (Bldr) ??-?? Jun Lecco, Italy (Diff, Bldr & Speed) ??-?? Jul Gap, France (Bldr) 03-04 Aug Munich, Germany (Bldr) 29-31 Aug Singapore (Diff & Speed) ??-?? Sep Roverto, Italy (Bldr) 29-30 Sep Chambery, France (Bldr) 18-19 Oct Aprica, Italy (Diff) 25-27 Oct Warsaw, Poland (Bldr & Speed) 15-17 Nov Kranj, Slovenia (Diff) Dates are courtesy ofDigital Rock.