3rd ascent of SS26

Giuseppe “Pippo” Nolasco has made the 3rd ascent of Alberto Gnerro's SS26 at Gressonay, in northern Italy. Originally given 9a, and thought to be more like 8c+/9a by Gabri Moroni, who made the 2nd ascent, Pippo feels 8c+ is closer to the mark. Regardless of if it's 8c+ or 9a, this is Pippo's hardest ascent to date.Gressonay is the crag where Gabri Moroni put up his Elementi di disturbo, 8c+/9a, recently. A few days after the FA, Adam Ondra came by and worked it for a day. Guess what. He didn't do it.No joke.Apparently, he couldn't do the crux.Of course there could be any number of natural explanations for this, but I still find it interesting as no 9a's seem to be a problem for the young Czech.Source: Instrapiombo/Kairn

Giuseppe "Pippo" NolascoBjörn Pohl – UKC, 26 Jul 2010© Instrapiombo.com

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