8B+ FA by Woods

It seems Mt Evans is where the action is these days. The one and only place? Feel free to prove me wrong! Anyway, Dave G, Daniel W, Jimmy W, Jon C, Jamie E and Co. keep developing this new area I mentioned earlier. Lincoln Lake. And yesterday, Daniel added a new hardest in the area, Evil backwards, ~8B+.”This boulder has a very crimpy nature out of a horizontal roof. There is a really far lockoff out left to another crimp side-pull, followed by a couple of crompression moves to the top. Dave, Jimmy, Cardeck, and myself all went at the project trying to discover what was going to work. We figured out a sequence, and soon all the moves were complete. I made a good link from 2 moves in to the top, so I started giving it goes from the bottom. After a few failure attempts, I gathered myself together and fired off the FA of Evil Backwards 8B+.”Stay tuned for more

Woods and the boys working out in the roofBjörn Pohl – UKC, Jun 2010© Courtney Sanders

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