8B flash by Keita Mogaki

Keita Mogaki blog reports and Yuki Ohta translates, “I was surprised what I did. I flashed La Danse de Balrog, 8B in Branson, Switzerland! This is first 8B in the world sent by Fred Nicole in 90´s. (The first in the world 1992, 8a comment) As long as I know, only a few guys climbed 8B boulder for their first try. I sent other 8B and 8A+ at the same day.” Picture from his blog.Keita was #3 in the Boulder World Cup in Japan earlier this year. In 2003, he was #3 in both a lead and a boulder world cup. As soon as he has put the flash in his scorecard, Keita is Top-10 in the 8a world ranking.