8B+ or harder by Klem

Things have been going down in the Maltatal, southern Austria. Klem Loskot has finally climbed the first boulder he ever saw at Maltatal, an “impossible flat iron-shaped 6m Monster”, aptly named Bügeleisen. The problem seems to be the hardest of Klem´s creations yet. Though it already is a stunning problem, he is not entirely satisfied – he couldn´t solve the riddle of the sitdown start that will shoot the difficulty of the whole thing right into another dimension! Two of Klems creations saw ascents last week: As already reported Bernhard “Berni” Schwaiger did a 1½ hour ascent of Power of good-bye, 8B+. What we haven´t reported is that 18-year-old wonderboy Florian “Flo” Grimus did a new variation of Wrestling with an alligator, 8B+. The new version has a slightly easier, but cooler finish. Flo and Klem still discuss if this warrants a different name, a suggestion would be Pettin with an alligator… Check out Welt der Schwerkraft for sequence shots of Klem on his new creation!