8b+ OS and more by C Bindhammer, #3

Christian Bindhammer has been on a 5 day rampage at Osp. During his stay he managed a flash of Missing Drink. To show this was no fluke he also flashed Marjestica, 8b/b+. Next to go was Strelovod, 8c, which went down first go. Christian wasn´t about to stop now, instead he went on to try Konec Mira, 8c/c+, which only took him three tries. To “cool down” (he was practically burning hot by this time) he onsighted Popej, 8a+. After the WC at Bolzano (5th) he was back at Osp. It seems he had succeeded in preserving his good form managing to onsight Millenium, his first 8b+. This inspite of the fact that the final five meters were wet…Christian is the 4th climber in the World, after Elli Chevieux, Yuji Hirajama anf Christian Brenna (not counting Katie Brown and Garth Miller for well known reasons), to onsight this grade. In the world ranking, he advances to third spot at 12 266. Climbing.De