8c by Hoette

Nathan Hoette has finially come to the end of his road trip around Australia. With only 2 days to go he has however managed to end it a high finishing off a long term project on Sandanista Cliff in the Grampians. Sparticus (8c?) is a power endurance fest, with three cruxes and is about 25m long. It combines the crux of Daniel-Or-Tyger (hard 8a+) with Samosa (hard 8b+). Nathan discribes the project as epic as the start is often wet and requires “mopping” almost every shot, this put together with a very hard redpoint crux 20m up the route. According to Nathan “It´s two grades harder than anything else I´ve climbed and may well be harder than 8c but I´ve never even been on anything graded harder so…”. This is true but considering he has 10 8b+´s, 14 8b´s and numerous 8a+´s to his redpoint list this year it could well be harder only time will tell