A Different Ondra! 11 pitch F8b+

Sep 10: A Different Ondra! 11 pitch F8b+ by Dougald MacDonald Czech climber Ondra Benes has completed a rare redpoint of The End of Silence (F8b+11 pitches), the Thomas Huber route in Germany that is still consideredone of the hardest multipitch rock climbs in the Alps, 14 years afterHuber first did it. This was the second route of the so-called Alpine Trilogy climbed by Benes, who did Beat Kammerlander´s six-pitch Silbergeier (5.14a)in Switzerland in 2006. Only two climbers, Stefan Glowacz and the lateHarald Berger, have climbed all three routes in the trilogy, which alsoincludes Glowacz´s route Des Kaisers neue Kleider (F8b+, 9 pitches) in Austria. Read the full report by Dougald MacDonald (with action photo) on Climbing.com ( Source: Climbing magazine )