Abbruch des großen Stalaktiten von Trela auf Kalymnos

KalymnosUrs Odermatt leitete mir die folgende E-Mail von Aris Theodoropoulos weiter. Darin schildert Aris die traurige und unfreiwillige Zerstörung des Kletter-Wahrzeichens von Kalymos:

The huge stalactite of the awe-inspiring and outrageous route Trella in Kalymnos was a monument of the nature and trade-mark of Kalymnos climbing. “Trella” is elegantly demonstrated (just on the big tufa) by Liv Sansoz on the front cover the guidebook.

Unfortunately this stalactite broke on 18-06-2007 due a climber who tried to unclip his quickdraws not by re-climb the route on top-rope as the topo suggests. While he cleaned the route his rope stacks down of the stalactite and pulled it with force to outside so the stalactite broke. Mercifully no injuries happened to the careless climber or his partner.

The following text is the comment for the route “Trella” from the current topo of Kalymnos. The difficulty of the line will be upgrade to 7a or 7a+.

Trela – 6c+ 40m ****

Trela means MADNESS. A Spanish climber just after lowering: “O my god, how did I exist without having done this climb?” A route that takes you into a different dimension. No single move is above 6b, but the exposure and the overall engagement well deserve its grade. Traced impeccably to make the easiest possible way through 40 very, very overhanging meters, by meandering through amazing tufa formations. A must, but prepare yourself psychologically! Remove your quickdraws by re-climbing the route on top-rope. 70m rope.

Aris Theodoropoulos

QuelleText: Aris Theodoropoulos