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Peak Line Project The Buxton Advertiser, headlined that the Matlock to Buxton Rail Link, via Chee Dale, is coming. In fact Derbyshire County Council have just secured funding for a feasibility study for the project, which will make clear what is involved and will evaluate the options for building the line. It will allow the County Council to decide whether it wishes to go ahead with the project. Only after a second feasibility study will it become clear what exactly is being proposed, and at this stage the Council will have to try and gain funding for the project if it is going to go ahead. The County Council is well aware of the BMC?s interest and the potential impact of the project on climbers, hillwalkers and the flora and fauna of Chee Dale.Stoney and Horseshoe The track leading from the electric sub-station to Mortuary Steps at Stoney Middleton has been blocked by large boulders. The boulders have been placed by the local Parish Council to prevent illegal tipping and are not an anti-climbing measure. At Horseshoe, new signs, highlighting the dangers of the quarry have been placed. The owners have an obligation under the Mines and Quarries Act to place signs and other measures to stop people entering the quarry. Please do not pull down the signs, as they may be replaced by more effective means of stopping entry. The National Park Authority have yet to arrange the proposed meeting between themselves the owners of Horseshoe, Tarmac, and the BMC to attempt to set-up a management agreement for the site. The BMC has reminded the Park Authority of the importance of progressing this issue.Stanage On a bitterly cold and misty January 3, 2002 a formidable team assembled at Stanage, under the auspices of the Stanage Forum, for the long awaited site visit called to resolve any conflict between climbing (particularly bouldering) and Ring Ouzels. For those involved in this issue, sorry if the following paragraph does not do justice to the 3 hours stood freezing on the edge, your feelings on the subject, or the large amount of time and effort that you have put in for climbers on this issue. Despite being half frozen the team did a good job defending the BMC?s position not to endorse a restriction on bouldering between Apparent North and the Cowper Stone, which the ornithologists were pushing for. At the same time positive suggestions were made which would help to improve the habitat requirements of the birds and minimise disturbance. The following were accepted as ways in which climbers could help to minimise disturbance from mid March to mid August. Please access the areas of Apparent North and the Cowper Stone from Burbage North, Cabin Track and Hooks Carr. Please avoid using the lower path from Hook?s Carr which leads broadly across to Congo Corner. The following will also minimise your disturbance of nesting birds between mid March and mid August:For access to and from bouldering areas use the edge top, avoiding breeding and feeding areas below the edge Be aware of the legitimate concerns of ornithologists, to the extent that if you can leave the area undisturbed, doNo gardening Flash problems, but don?t hang around beyond Magnetic North, if you do unwittingly disturb a bird a few minutes will not matter, 10 willTake any litter, including biodegradable litter (which can attract predators) away with youIf you see other people wandering around under the edge, please ask them not to and explain why. Range West Briefing dates The following dates have been proposed for the 2002 Range West briefings: 13th June Gloucester 29th JuneCastlemartin, Range West 27th July Castlemartin, Range West The Range will open for climbing on 27th July, 2002.Thanks to the BMC