Access Problems At Chironico

We´ve just received the following statement from Martin Keller with regard to access issues at Chironico in Switzerland: Chironico, Switzerland is a classic bouldering area. But things are getting out of control during the BIG weekends. People are putting up fires , which is forbidden in the whole area beacuse of EXTREME danger of forrest fires all year long (if caught, the penalty is several hundred Euros!!). People are parking their cars on the farmers´ fields and camp right next to the path down to the bouldering area (this is also HIGLHY forbidden, free camping is forbidden in the whole of Switzerland!). The problem is that if this doesn´t stop – chironoco will be CLOSED to climbers!!! This weekend (and the next one too) the crowd will be back in chironico for some pleasant bouldering. Everybody is welcome but PLEASE obey the following rules:Don´t camp in and around the boulder area , use outside camping areas. Don´t park your cars on the farmers´ fields, use the parking at the church or the spot BEFORE you drive down the road. Don´t make fires, it is forbidden This weekend there will be local climbers that will inform people friendly – but if there are some stupid guys who don´t respect the rules – the POLICE will escort them out of chironico – and it will be costly!!! So, welcome everybody that agrees on treating the nature with respect – we hope you will enjoy the bouldering session on some of the best swiss-granit.