Adam Ondra wiederholt PuntX 9a(+)

Czech Adam Ondra sent PuntX in Deverse, Gorge de Loup, southern France. The route is considered as 9a or may be 9a+.

Adam Ondra in und berichten: "After 2 days and half in July…," our friend Phil Maurel from Nice climbing web reported, "I received a sms from Adam, Saturday evening, who tell that he will be there from Sunday until next Friday… And Sunday evening, he send me another one to tell me that it was done… ! This guy goes too fast… "

The route was bolted by Cédric Lo Piccolo and done by Alex Chabot in August 2007. It is about 20 meters of stamina and boulder problems without any good rest! Recently German Andreas Bindhammer did the 2nd redpoint and he thinks it is at least 9a+. Hotel Supramonte On Sight
Adam Ondra also did the first on sight repetition of famous multipitch route "Hotel Supramonte" in Gola di Gorropu on Sardinia, Italy recently.  He did it on October 18, 2008. His climbing partner was Italian Pietro Dal Pra.

Hotel Supramonte (400m, 7b+, 7c+, 8b, 8a+, 8b, 7c, 7a+, 7b+, 7b, 7b) created in 1998 Rolando Larcher and Roberto Vigiani. The first repetition was attempted on March 23, 2000, by Stefan Glowacz, who climbed free all pitches except the fifth, the hardest one. Couple months later Pietro Dal Pra did the first free ascent of the all pitches in November 2000.

ü,, Foto: Phil Maurel