Albarracin Access Issues

Bouldering at AlbarracinUKC News, 02 Dec 2010© Richie Patterson / Wild Country

Toilet paper and human waste at the crag in Spain. NO NEED!UKC News, 02 Dec 2010© Jack Geldard / UKCThe sandstone bouldering area of Albarracin in Spain is becoming a victim of its own success and of bad behaviour from climbers.Oscar Navarro, from the Asociacion Escalada Sostenible Albarracín, has issued a statement which he hopes will help climbers adhere to certain rules when visiting the area.Access problems have increased recently in this delicate area as its popularity has increased. The site is home to a large amount of wildlife and also some important cave paintings and good behaviour from climbers is essential to keep this superb bouldering area open.THE RULES:It's forbidden to climb at Soly y Masia.Tick marks ? these are a big no no and causing problems ? if you need to mark a hold please use a strip of tape then simply tear it off and take it away.Chalk: please, please, please, minimise use.It's forbidden to climb on boulders within 30m of the tarmaced road between Albarracin and Donarque and also forbidden to climb within 30m of any site with paintings.It's totally forbidden to have dogs off the lead.As ever, please bury all human waste and ship out any paper/tissues and sanitary products. In any parking area with a roof/shade you must park under the roof ? if your vehicle doesn't fit under the roof please park in the main car park or in El Cabrerizo.It's just about okay to spend the night in the parking area in vehicles (no tents or camping) but only if all signs of overnight stays are gone in the morning. Please stick to recognised paths.No climbing after dark or before sunrise.Don't make fires ? it's a big dry pine forest.Smokers, take out your butts.Bouldering at AlbarracinUKC News, 02 Dec 2010© Richie Patterson / Wild Country?If you are going to go to Albarracin please remember the old adage 'not ours but ours to look after' and remember that only a sensible and sustainable approach will help to stave off problems whether at home or abroad.?More information (in Spanish) at: escaladasosteniblealbarracin.blogspot.comMore Info on Albarracin:Albarracin Zaragoza, SPAINClimbs 174 – Rocktype Sandstone (soft) – Altitude 900m – Faces allGuidebooks:Bouldertopo Espana (2008)Click on map for more crag details

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