Alex & Alex & Thomasina do 8A's

Alex Johnson, Alex Puccio and Thomasina Pidgeon all struck last week.Johnson is visiting a very snowy Bishop, where she “battled through the snow and slush” to reach Haroun & the sea of stories, an 8A/+ which she did after a few days of work. She had first tried it back in 2009. “It's truly a beautiful and special problem; long and sustained, with playful original movement. It is easy to stay motivated working on such an unbelievable climb! An average number of pads generally used to protect this problem is around a dozen, and I've even heard of sixteen being beneath the boulder at one time! We did the best we could tromping through the snow hauling as many pads as we could up from the road and ended up with six. There's motivation in that alone; you'll be totally safe if you stay on… :)”. Famous last words?Later she also did the crimpy classic Stained glass, 7C+.According to Bishop Bouldering, it's likely that she will now concentrate on some harder and/or higher lines. The added security of a deep snow cover may be useful…Meanwhile further south at the ever sunny Hueco Tanks, Alex Puccio did Rogered in the shower, 8A, in about an hour, while Thomasina Pidgeon did Dark age, 8A.It would seem the action has temporarily moved to the other side of the pond, but with the forecast looking promising for Fontainebleau, this could very well change this week.Sources: Bishop Bouldering, Alex Johnson and 8A Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen