Alex Megos gelingt Begehung der ersten 9a Australiens

28 Jahre nachdem Wolfgang Güllich in Australien mit "Punks in the Gym" die weltweit erste 8b+ klettern konnte, hat nun der junge Erlanger Alex Megos dort einen neuen Meilenstein hinterlassen: Die erst 9a Australiens. Nick Fletcher schreibt hier über die Details.

Alex Megos gelingt Begehung der ersten 9a Australiens So the big news is out. German crusher Alex Megos has made the first ascent of the Red Project at Diamond Falls in the Blue Mountains, Australia. This route has been marked as a project in the last few guides and follows a stunning and unrelenting line of small holds up the wall to the left of Hairline.

Alex Megos in R.E.D Retired Extremely Dangerous (35/9a)Even though its marked as an open project, Lee Cossey had been spending time recently trying the route and was reportedly doing quite well – a quick check was made to ensure that Lee didn't mind Alex giving it a try and the game was on.

Alex came fairly close on day 1 having quickly got all the moves sorted but final success was not to be so quick. Day 2 and another 8 attempts later and the only thing gained was some pretty sore skin. Finally on attempt 7 of day 3 it was all over.

Alex has tentatively graded the route 9a and given his experience of other routes around the world at this grade and the relative ease in which he dispatched other mountains testpieces such as Mechanical Animals and Grey Area its probably on the money.Whether it stays 9a or other existing routes, such as Bens 2009 Mr Pink are upgraded to join it, only time will tell. But for the moment it sits proudly on top of the list and Australia joins the rest of the world in the 9th grade.

R.E.D Retired Extremely Dangerous (35/9a) FA Alex Megos 18 August 2013

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