Alippi send Les Sindacalistes, 8c+

Stefano Alippi has repeated Beppe Dallona´s Les Sindacalistes, 8c+, at Cornalba. This was the 3rd ascent of this highly technical route (Brenna made the 2nd), which was opened back in 1995. Nicoletta Costi: “Very few people have had the guts to try this slab-style climbing on this steep 25 m wall divided in 3 sections: very hard beginning of 11 moves of 8A/B block, corner with tricky section and finally the hard top boulder (7B/C). Alippi is one of the best climbers in Italy and Les Sindacalistes is the top of his iceberg made of eight 8c´s and twelve 8b+´s rot punkt and one 8b and fifteen 8a+´s onsight.”