Alive After 44 years! – the power of

by Alan James In January 2007 we published an article – Epic on the Badile – originally written by Mike James (my father) back in the 1960s. During my research for the article I tried to find out what had happened to the original members of the team in a ´where are they now´ section at the end of the article. The more prominent members like Claudio Corti and Ian Clough were relatively easy to track down, the others less so. My father told me that one of the team members, Geoff Grandison, had died of something not related to climbing in 1963. Last week, coincidentally a few minutes before my father was about to turn up at our house, an email arrived from John Tattersall stating that Geoff was alive and well and living in West Yorkshire. I confronted my father with this information and he was genuinely shocked. He could distinctly recall the conversation between himself, Nev Crowther and Sid Clarke about Geoff´s demise all those years ago. John Tattersall has now sent me more information about Geoff (who doesn´t do the Internet). In 2005 Geoff and John were on a trip back to the Dolomites where Geoff and Mike James had made the first British ascent of a route on Cima Ouest on the same trip as the Badile epic. The photo shows Geoff on this trip, but is that the same jumper?! Read the original article here