All Change at Climb Magazine – New Editors

The phone lines have been buzzing and the climbing media jungle drums have been beating hard. And now it is confirmed, UKC have received the following press release:A new editorial team will be taking over CLIMB Magazine in July 2010, following the departure of longstanding editors Neil Pearsons and Gill Kent.  As of July, Britain's premiere climbing magazine will be edited by two of Britain's most experienced climbing journalists and photographers, David Pickford (Editor in Chief) and Ian Parnell (Associate Editor).  The October issue of CLIMB magazine ? the first issue edited by the new team – will see a number of significant changes to the title's design and content. Building on the strong foundation laid down by Pearsons and Kent, these new developments will consolidate the magazine's position as the best monthly English-language climbing title available anywhere.

Dave Pickford – Climber, adventurer, photographer, journalist and poet, breakfasting in Madagascar.Jack Geldard – Editor – UKC© Jack Geldard and CLIMB magazine have had a good relationship over the last couple of years – CLIMB magazine have been a valued advertiser on UKC and Mick Ryan, UKC's advertising manager, has been in regular contact with Gill Wootton, the woman who calls many of the shots concerning CLIMB at Greenshires, the publisher. You can see CLIMB's UKC announcements and previews here: CLIMB on UKC.This change in editorial staff at the magazine will, we hope, only strengthen the positive relationship between and CLIMB. Both Ian Parnell (see his UKC Profile) and Dave Pickford have contributed superb material to our site and to several ROCKFAX guidebooks, and we have a great working relationship with both of the new editors.

Ian Parnell relaxing at Glenmore LodgeJack Geldard – Editor – UKC, Mar 2009© Jack Geldard

Ian Parnell on Beinn Eighe© Ian Parnell, Nov 2009The pair make a fantastic choice as a team, with different areas of expertise, but a combined zeal for climbing that is an essential part of the job.Pickford is an extremely talented writer and rock climber, climbing magazine front covers have featured his stunning images almost as often as his stunning body! Pickford was described by Mike Robertson in the ROCKFAX Deep Water guidebook thus:”A first meeting with Dave Pickford leaves you gasping for brain cells, as he both educates and baffles with his all-encompassing knowledge. I once became convinced he had a babel fish in both ears.”He brings to the table an encyclopaedic knowledge of British trad climbing, an overwhelmingly positive attitude and a Masters Degree in English literature. Plus he has the biggest digital camera this side of the Bristol Channel.Parnell is one of Britain's foremost mountaineers with several major routes to his name. His photography is second to none (see his winter photo article), his knowledge of the greater ranges and alpine regions is vast, his love for climbing and especially Scottish winter suffering is deep and passionate and on top of all that he's a thoroughly nice chap. He has been a regular contributor for CLIMB since it began a few years back.Lets Make British Climbing Media Great:Climbing media is a small but intrinsic part of the climbing game. Photographs inspire us, words empower us and the climbing media has a responsibility to report, inform and educate. The British climbing media is a small world. We are all in competition for readers, but more importantly for advertisers.However it's not quite as cut throat as many people would believe. is a member of, a global community of websites that share information and ideas, despite in many ways being direct competitors. We hope to outstretch that positive relationship to the team at CLIMB.CLIMB magazine is looking very good with its fresh re-design and is setting a high standard for printed climbing media in the UK. Its direct rival, Climber magazine, seems to have slipped slightly in content quality, editorial breadth and design.Lets hope that the new team at CLIMB, with their injection of new passion, inspire Climber to rise and meet the challenge.CLIMB could now have what it takes to top the world climbing magazine stage, usurping rivals such as Alpinist and Rock and Ice, which are viewed by many as the world's foremost climbing publications. Lets get behind the magazine and help the new team take it to the next level.British climbing media has a long and rich history of being at the top of the game, with older magazines such as Mountain being revered throughout the globe. is proud to be right up there with the most popular climbing and mountaineering websites in the wish Dave and Ian the best of luck in their new roles and would like to let them know that our email inboxes are always open if they want to discuss anything with the UKC team. Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen