Alpkit Innovation Again

by Mick Ryan – Two New Products From Alpkit Alpkit based in Ilkeston just outside Nottingham are known for their innovative outdoor products. They even hosted a grass roots design award called the National Outdoor Innovation Award where inventors were asked to submit designs for outdoor products. The purpose? To ” encourage teams and individuals to get involved in new ideas and concepts, and to encourage the industry to look, listen and learn from its customers.. This year the award was one won byJon Lucas for his Beacon Bag which combines an insulative survival bag with an SOS beacon. Details here. Knowing the harsh conditions that climbers, mountaineers and hill walkers have to face on the crag and in the mountains the Alpkit design team have put their considerable talents to designing an all-weather and robust compact digital camera. This compact digital camera can be completely submerged in water and dropped from a great height with no damage due to its Carbon Kevlar body. Suitable for conditions experienced in the Himalaya to the darkest ocean depths of the Mariana Trench? Technical specifications at See the camera being tested by one of´s gear reviewers in the video below. The Jamalots This isn´t the only product the Alpkit team have been working on recently. They have developed a new breed of ultra passive protection using the latest in spacer block technology, called the Jamalots – shame about the name. Even Fred Hall, the design guru at DMM was impressed with its triple-hole design that offers the widest range possible in the one and only size, Fred said that the Jamalots “offers placement opportunities when nothing else will fit.” Full details here