Alps Masters

by Matt Samet When the Slovenian alpinist Miha Valic topped all 82 4,000-meter Alps peaks in 102 days, beginning on December 27, 2006, and ending April 7, he completed a major feat, one that has, in his words, ?been a thorn in the European alpinists´ flesh for a while.?Valic?s mission was largely self-sufficient (various partners met him at various times), though he did use an automobile to shuttle between route, and took cable-car rides, when applicable, up into the range. In 1993, the British climbers Martin Moran and Simon Jenkins climbed 75 peaks in 52 days, using a bicycle to ferry between the ranges.Matt Samet, editor of Climbing magazine interviewed both Miha Valic and Martin Moran, you can read the interviews at: ( Source: Climbing magazine )