American speedsters make most of Patagonia weather reports on a string of fine ascents down in Patagonia this season, aided in part by some fine weather windows.Speed tactics honed in the valley have been put to good use on the alpine massifs of Torre, Fitzroy and Paine. Some highlights include Dean Potter soloing the Compressor Route in 8.5 hrs, unroped ascents of Fitzroy?s Supercouloir and California Roulette (a new route he did).Timmy O?Neil and Nathan Martin made the first alpine ascent of Torre Egger and a new route, Tonta Suerte (Dumb Luck) on Fitzroy.Steve ?quite that chit chat? Schneider enchained the three Paine towers in a 51-hour solo push.Sean Leary and Zac Smith freed all three Paine towers, including the first free of the Bonington-Whillans (VI 5.11) route on the Central Tower.Steph Davis became the first woman to summit on all 7 of the named summits in the Fitzroy massif with ascents of Fitz Roy and Aguja Mermoz. ( Source: Climbing magazine )