Angela Eiter klettert alle Routen beim Weltcup Zürich Top

The 2nd WC in Lead took place in Zurich on 15th and 16th June. 88 climbers competed in one of the greatest climbing gyms in Europe, the Gaswerk.

WC ZürichWC ZürichWC Zürich
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After her victory in the 1st WC in Imst, Austrian Angela Eiter showed a perfect performance and in all three routes reached the last quick draw and it seems that she is in the same excellent shape that we have seen over the last three years. Mina Markovic (SLO) and Emily Harrington (USA) joined her on the podium.

In the Semi Final he slipped out of his climbing shoe and was happy to reach the final in 8th place, but in the Final nobody could stop Jorg Verhoven, from the Netherlands, who won first followed by Patxi Usobiaga Lakunza (ESP) and the Swiss Céderic Lachat.

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QuelleText: IFSC, Fotos: Roger Knecht