Angela Eiter und Ramon Julian Puigblanque siegen beim 19. Rock Master

Eiter and Puigblanque win the 19th Rock Master

of the most beautiful pages in Rock Master history was written today in
front of a fantastic crowd in Arco, Italy. This climbing and outdoor
haven celebrated its twentieth competition anniversary this weekend,
and the show it put on display was definitely up to the standards of
the most famous and longest running climbing competition in the world.

Eiter and Ramòn Julien Puigblanque interpreted the event like no
other, the Trophy justly belongs to them. The nineteen year old from
Austria produced and exalting climb, ascending the after work route
with impressive ease in front of the enthusiastic crowd. In a repeat
performance on Saturday's onsight, Eiter proved to be the only athlete
capable of completing the after work route. This is now the third Rock
Master victory in a row for the reigning World Champion (and true
phenomenon of female competition climbing), guaranteeing her a
privileged position amongst the all time greats of this sport. The
French star Sandrine Levet climbed intensely, truly giving it her all
before falling just beneath the finishing holds to place second. The
World Bouldering Champion Olha Shalagina from the Ukraine placed third,
whilst Maja Vidmar made an excellent comeback from provisional eighth
place to place fourth.

Melanie Son wins the women's Sint Roc Boulder Contes
Son, or a vertical dancer. Olga Bibik, or the class and experience of
the Russian champion. During this special night time “after work”
bouldering the young Frenchwoman, more inspired than ever before,
combined her power and precision and made every problem look easy.

contrasted her on each of the four boulders, replying with tops of her
own up to the final fourth boulder. This is where she got unstuck,
together with Ioulia Abramtchouk, the Russian who seemed capable of
climbing everything… second try. Son climbed outstandingly on the final
problem, sending it second try and in doing so winning her first Sint
Roc Boulder Contest.

Tomasz Oleksy wins the Speed competition in Arco
again Arco’s Speed Arco competition bears the name of the
extraordinarly quick Tomasz Oleksy from Poland. Once again he was the
fastest of them all, setting a new speed record on this special
vertical piste in the Climbing Stadium. He proved to be truly
unbeatable, even for Manuel Escobar from Venezuela, the recent new
entry in the exclusive group of vertical sprinters, for years dominated
by athletes from the eastern  block.


Result Rockmaster Men

Rank Name Nation Sum AfterWork OnSight
 1. PUIGBLANQUE. Ramón Julián ESP 67.73 35.00- 32.73+
 2. OVTCHINNIKOV. Evgueni RUS 66.58 32.06- 34.52+
 3. MRAZEK Tomás CZE 66.14+ 33.02+ 33.12
 4. CRESPI Flavio ITA 63.97+ 33.28 30.69+
  VERHOEVEN Jorg NED 63.97+ 33.28 30.69+
 6. CHABOT Alexandre FRA 62.48+ 31.14+ 31.34
 7. PETRENKO Maxim UKR 61.83- 31.14 30.69-
 8. USOBIAGA Patxi ESP 52.39- 31.71 20.68-
 9. ZARDINI Luca ITA 46.49- 23.43 23.06-
 10. BINDHAMMER Christian GER 43.58* 23.80+ 19.78+
 11. MILLET Sylvain FRA 42.01= 18.95- 23.06-
 12. DROETTO Fabrizio ITA 39.06= 21.45- 17.61-
 13. PREUßLER Timo GER 35.91 18.95- 16.96+


Result Rockmaster Women

Rank Name Nation Sum AfterWork OnSight
 1. EITER Angela AUT 64.20 Top Top
 2. LEVET Sandrine FRA 59.95= 30.22- 29.73-
 3. SHALAGINA Olha UKR 50.82= 23.85- 26.97-
 4. VIDMAR Maja SLO 47.09 29.50+ 17.59-
 5. LAVARDA Jenny ITA 45.83 23.38 22.45
 6. UHDEN Marietta GER 44.85 25.15 19.70
 7. SAURWEIN Katharina AUT 43.75- 16.78 26.97-
 8. EYER Alexandra SUI 43.08= 23.38- 19.70-
 9. CUFAR Martina SLO 38.94- 22.03- 16.91

Result Onsight Men

Rank Name Nation Height
 1. OVTCHINNIKOV. Evgueni RUS 34.52+
 2. MRAZEK Tomás CZE 33.12
 3. PUIGBLANQUE. Ramón Julián ESP 32.73+
 4. CHABOT Alexandre FRA 31.34
 5. CRESPI Flavio ITA 30.69+
  VERHOEVEN Jorg NED 30.69+
 7. PETRENKO Maxim UKR 30.69-
 8. MILLET Sylvain FRA 23.06-
  ZARDINI Luca ITA 23.06-
 10. USOBIAGA Patxi ESP 20.68-
 11. BINDHAMMER Christian GER 19.78+
 12. DROETTO Fabrizio ITA 17.61-
 13. PREUßLER Timo GER 16.96+

Result Onsight Women

Rank Name Nation Height
 1. EITER Angela AUT Top
 2. LEVET Sandrine FRA 29.73-
 3. SAURWEIN Katharina AUT 26.97-
  SHALAGINA Olha UKR 26.97-
 5. LAVARDA Jenny ITA 22.45
 6. UHDEN Marietta GER 19.70
 7. EYER Alexandra SUI 19.70-
 8. VIDMAR Maja SLO 17.59-
 9. CUFAR Martina SLO 16.91

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