Another Dave Graham Blitz

At various locations in Switzerland Dave Graham and co have been busy bouldering. A comprehensive report on lists the following problems that Dave has done recently: Magic Wood: Note that some of these grades look like they are about to be down shifted given the ease with which Graham managed them Unundliche Geschichte (part 1) 8B+ Unundliche Geschcihte (part 2) 8A+ (Dave says: “I did part 1 4 damn times trying to link it into part 2, it would the hardest thing ever if i could do it, maybe next trip to magic wood”) High Spirit 8B+ Massive Attack 8B Super Nova 8B Sofa Surfers 8B Down Under 8A Du Cote De Deshuan 8A+ No Liberty 8A Entwash 8A+ Shelobs Lair 8A+ Darkness 8A Force of nature 8A+ Marylin Monroe 8A Eyes Closed Navigation 8B Eehoo 8B Chironico: Shadowfax 8B+ fa The Intercessor 8A+ fa some 8A dyno huge 8a traverse Cresciano Mithril 8B Walker On Earth 8A fa Thanks to