Arco Rock Junior 2006

by Ian Dunn A group of young British climbers took part in the Rock Junior climbing festival in Arco over the 17th and 18th of June weekend. There were climbers from all over Europe taking part with a strong field in the Under 14 cup which has three age brackets. This competition takes place on the same famous outdoor wall that the annual Rock Master event is held on every September. Randy Roby (9yrs) from Todmorden took third place in the Boys C his brother Matt (10yrs) came 11th in the Boys B and Josh Farrell (14 yrs) took 7th in the Boys A.Olivia Ratcliffe 10yrs made 16th in the Girls B. Randy Matt and Josh all won their respective catergories in the regional rounds of British Regional Youth Championships and are taking part in the National Final in Liverpool on 1st July. ( Source: )