Arco rock legends 2007

The second Arco Rock Legends 2007, the sport climbing world´s oscars, will take place on September 7th at Arco, Italy on the eve of the XXI Rock Master. The awards aim to recognise the performances of the best climbers in the world. The candidates have been selected by a pool of 15 international specialised magazines. The competition is split between the Salewa Rock Award and the La Sportiva Competition Award. New to this second edition is the inclusion of bouldering for the rock award, other than just single pitch sports climbing. The nominations for the Salewa Rock Award are the two Americans Dave Graham and Daniel Woods, the Spaniard Patxi Usobiaga, the German Andreas Bindhammer and young Adam Ondra from the Czech Republic. The La Sportiva Competition Award on the other hand will be decided between Austrian Angela Eiter, her young teammate David Lama and the Spaniard Patxi Usobiaga, the only climber to be nominated for both awards. The nominations in more detail:The rock award:Andreas Bindhammer (1973, Germany) For his repeats of Broadway 8c+/9a and Abyss, 9a/+ a Gorges du Loup (France) and La Rambla original, 9a+, two routes of completely different style and character. Dave Graham (1981, USA) For his continuous capacity of cutting-edge sports climbing and bouldering ascents, including Eclacamasters 9a, Perles (Spain), the first ascent of Los Borrachos de Mascun 9a (Rodellar, Spain) and the first ascent of the boulder Scarred for Life Fb8B+ a Fionnay, Switzerland. Adam Ondra (1993, Czech Republic) At just 14 years of age Ondra is capable of performing in all disciplines, from his 9a repeats (Martin Krpan Misja Pec, Slovenia and Erfolg ist trainierbar reclimbed 9a Adlitzgraben, Austria) to bouldering (first ascent of Spicka ledovce 8a+, Lidomorna). Daniel Woods (1989, USA) At just 17 years of age one of the best boulderers in the world, with the first ascent of Jade Fb8C Rocky Mountains National Park, Ode to the Modern Man, Fb8b+/8c at Mt. Evans, USA and numerous top end repeats. Patxi Usobiaga (1980, Spain) For the first ascent of Begi Puntuan, 9a at Etxauri, Navarra, Spain, his second 8c on-sight Pata Negra, at Rodellar, Spain and a myriad of 8b+ on-sights. The competition award: Angela Eiter (1986, Austria) Winner of the Lead World Cup 2006, winner of the Combined Ranking (Bouldering + Lead). David Lama (1990, Austria) For his debut in the senior World Cup: European Champion Lead, 2nd place in the World Cup Lead 2006 and winner of one stage of the Bouldering World Cup 2006. Patxi Usobiaga (1980, Spain) Winner of the Lead World Cup 2006.