Arco Rockmaster 2009 – Results and Report

Angela Eiter winning the Arco rockmaster 2009Planet Mountain, Sep 2009© Giulio Malfer

Ramon Julien Puigblanque winning the Arco rockmaster 2009Planet Mountain, Sep 2009© Giulio MalferAngela Eiter and Ramòn Julien Puigblanque are the winners of this year's Rockmaster competition at Arco, Italy. The Rockmaster is a well attended top-level competition that has been going since the very start of competition climbing. Luminaries such as Lynne Hill and Stefan Glowacz cut their competition teeth at this prestigious event.Commenting on this year's successful competition, Vinicio Stefanello wrote:”Eiter the warrior suffered, pushed herself, took risks and found the key through that truly perverse traverse. Then she launched upwards towards the top and the crowd let loose, free at last. Eiter was pushed upwards by their cheers, she almost broke through the massive wavy roof and used up every ounce of energy that was stored in her body. Her upwards ride was great, immense like the cheers which the Arco crowd granted her. “I'm still here Eiter” seemed to say. “And the injury which kept me away from the comps is practically a thing of the past.” Yes, it was touching to be with this champion once again.”Commenting on the men's final, Vinicio Stefanello wrote:”When the last man out, Puigblanque, set off, no one knew what to think and expect. Apart from the man himself; with his usual lightness he dynoed and flew from hold to hold. His was a dance comprised of power and elegance and the ovation pushed him high, almost to the chain at the end of the route. The crowd then went wild and proclaimed him winner, king of Arco once again.”Full Results:

Result Women Afterwork + Onsight
Rank Name Nation Sum AfterWork OnSight
1. EITER Angela AUT 50.67 27.18 23.49
2. MARKOVIC Mina SLO 50.67- 27.18- 23.49
3. KIM Ja-In KOR 50.39= 24.04- 26.35-
4. DURIF Charlotte FRA 38.76- 14.41- 24.35
5. GROS Natalija SLO 36.20- 12.71- 23.49
6. VIDMAR Maja SLO 36.03- 12.71- 23.32
7. ERNST Johanna AUT 35.67- 4.82- Top
8. WURM Juliane GER 35.53= 14.41- 21.12-
9. LAVARDA Jenny ITA 34.86- 13.74 21.12-
10. EYER Alexandra SUI 33.83= 12.71- 21.12-
11. LADURNER Alexandra ITA 30.42 13.00 17.42
12. CIAVALDINI Caroline FRA 29.43= 15.80- 13.63-
Result Men Afterwork + Onsight
Rank Name Nation Sum AfterWork OnSight
1. JULIAN PUI. Ramón ESP 72.52- 35.88- Top
2. LAMA David AUT 63.30= 33.45- 29.85-
3. ONDRA Adam CZE 60.70= 25.64- 35.06-
4. LACHAT Cédric SUI 53.51= 25.64- 27.87-
5. SCHUBERT Jakob AUT 51.36 22.43 28.93
6. MRAZEK Tomás CZE 50.83- 21.90 28.93-
7. USOBIAGA LA. Patxi ESP 48.19 11.55 Top
8. BECAN Klemen SLO 48.11= 21.90- 26.21-
9. DESGRANGES Romain FRA 46.33 21.90 24.43
10. VERHOEVEN Jorg NED 41.98- 26.94- 15.04
11. CRESPI Flavio ITA 37.06= 17.41- 19.65-
12. TAUPORN Thomas GER 36.92= 19.70- 17.22-
13. KRYUKOV Valeriy UKR 32.79+ 18.72 14.07+

Rounding up the event, Vinicio Stefanello said:”All of this happened at the Rock Master in a competition which surely ranks as one of the most beautiful, exciting, unpredictable and incredible ever to be seen here at Arco. All of this was seen, experienced and applauded by the 10000 spectators who flocked to the legendary Climbing Stadium wall. They were something quite spectacular in a spectacular show which next year promises to be truly unique: the special Rock Master will take place from 16 to 17 July 2010 as a final dress rehearsal for the IFSC Climbing World Championship which Arco will host in 2011. The city of Arco continues to be the centre of world sport climbing!”ROCK MASTER TEAMOrganisation: Associazione Rock MasterInstitutions: Comune di Arco, Provincia Autonoma di Trento, Regione Trentino Alto Adige Sud Tirol, Ingarda Spa, Azienda Municipale Sviluppo Arco, Cassa Rurale Alto GardaSponsors:Camp ,La Sportiva , Salewa, Sint Roc & EcogripsContribution: Soccorso Alpino Guardia Finanza, Ass. Sportiva ArcoClimbingMedia Partner: Pareti, PlanetMountainWeb Link: Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen