Army on Everest at Camp 4

by Mick Ryan The West Ridge The Army Everest Expedition is poised for success on the West Ridge. Camp 4 (7587m)has been reached and stocked and the team, led by Dave Bunting, is raring to go. Malcolm Russell, Senior Medical Officer and Photography Manager reports”Dick and Dave Wilson pushed to Camp 4 yesterday, so are both withdrawing from the mountain today, back towards Tilman?s for a well earned break. Jude and Frankie load-carried along the West Ridge today, with Sherpas, and were seen by telescope arriving successfully at Camp 4 ? aiming to get back to Camp 2 to stay tonight, before withdrawing fully tomorrow. Another great day?s work with several tents now established at Camp 4.Ian Venables? team have moved up to Camp 3 today to take over once more at the front end ? the intention to get Camp 4 as fully stocked as possible over the next couple of days.”   Their website, Army On Everest, is one of the most impressive seen for an expedition and not only has the latest news on the expeditions progress but a whole host of interactive features about Everest and the two other Army teams that are in the area. Plus there are podcasts and exclusive movie clips to download straight to your mobile phone. Daily team blogs at here We are looking forward to reports from Sargeant Guy Homan whose role is Entertainments Manager. Wonder what special experience was needed for that job! We´ll keep you posted with more updates.